Health insurance in the Netherlands

Health insurance is compulsory for everyone who lives or works in the Netherlands. There are two kinds of health insurance: basic insurance and additional insurance.

Basic Insurance 

Basic insurance is compulsory. It covers the most common healthcare costs, such as general practitioner appointments, hospital visits and pharmacy expenses. Each year, the government determines what is covered under this insurance.

Additional Insurance

You can choose to take out additional insurance for healthcare that is not included, or only partly included in the basic insurance policy, such as physiotherapy, dental care, alternative medicine and coverage abroad.

ZEKUR health insurance

ZEKUR is a Dutch online insurance provider. Our goal is to keep our pricing competitive so you can spend your money on things you enjoy.
We are able to offer you a good price by communicating in Dutch only and allowing you to arrange everything for your health insurance online. This means that if you can’t understand Dutch, you should use the help of a translator when applying for insurance or contacting us.

Basic insurance options

ZEKUR offers two basic insurance options: Gewoon ZEKUR and Gewoon ZEKUR Vrij.

Gewoon ZEKUR:

€ 122,95 per month with a mandatory excess of € 385,-

Gewoon ZEKUR is an in-kind policy or naturapolis. We make agreements with healthcare providers on the quality, cost and service of the healthcare to be delivered. 

If you select a contracted healthcare provider or hospital, you receive 100% reimbursement. We arrange the payment directly with the healthcare provider or the hospital.

If you select a non-contracted healthcare provider, part of the costs may be charged to you. The costs will be reimbursed up to 80% of the average contracted rate

Of course, in case of an emergency or childbirth, you can visit any hospital and will be 100% reimbursed. You also choose your own general practitioner.

Gewoon ZEKUR Vrij

€ 155,15 per month with a mandatory excess of € 385,-

Gewoon ZEKUR Vrij is a combination policy, or combinatiepolis. You can select any healthcare provider, regardless of whether they have a contract with us. You receive reimbursements of the costs up to a maximum of 100% of the reasonable market rate in the Netherlands. There are two exceptions. For mental health care and district nursing we make agreements with healthcare providers. If you select a contracted healthcare provider, we reimburse all costs. If you choose a healthcare provider without a contract for these two exceptions, we reimburse up to 90% of the average contracted rate.

Mandatory excess

For both Gewoon ZEKUR and Gewoon ZEKUR Vrij a standard mandatory excess, or eigen risico, of €385,- per calendar year applies. When you access healthcare which is covered under the basic insurance, you will need to pay the first € 385,- of your costs as a mandatory excess. Sometimes you don’t have to pay this excess. For example, when you visit your general practitioner (excluding lab costs), use the preferred medication or use maternity care. You can choose a higher excess in return for a lower monthly premium.

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Additional insurance

You can choose to take out additional insurance for extra coverage. ZEKUR has the following options for you:


€ 14,95 per month

Covers 9 treatments of physiotherapy


€ 14,95 per month

Covers 100% check up dental care costs and 75% of your other dental care costs, up to a maximum of € 250,- a year.

ZEKUR Buitenland en Reis

€ 4,50 per month

ZEKUR Buitenland reimburses the costs of emergency care abroad during holidays or temporary stay as a supplement to what the basic insurance reimburses. Basic insurance only covers costs of emergency care abroad up to the reimbursement you would receive for the same treatment in the Netherlands. If your medical costs are in excess of this reimbursement and if you only have basic insurance, you will have to pay the difference yourself.

ZEKUR Reis is a comprehensive travel insurance policy with world coverage of 180 consecutive days. With ZEKUR Reis you are insured for the costs of assistance and transport and your luggage is insured for theft, loss or damage.


€ 36,95 per month

A package deal which includes coverage for physiotherapy, dental care 100% check up and 75% of your other costs up to € 500,- a year, travel coverage and cancellation insurance, spectacles and contact lenses, contraception, personal contributions for maternity care, alternative medicine, and more!

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Applying for health insurance

As stated above, health insurance is compulsory for all those who live or work in the Netherlands. You need to take out an insurance policy within 4 months after receiving your residence permit or registering with your city hall.

Be aware the start date of your health insurance policy must coincide with the date you are eligible for health insurance. If you apply for health insurance after this date, your insurance policy would commence with a retroactive effect. You will then have to pay the premium retroactively. 

If you already have basic health insurance in the Netherlands and decide to switch, you will be insured with us starting from January 1st the following year.

When you apply we ask for some information. Most importantly, we ask for your social security number, in Dutch ‘burgerservicenummer’ or ‘BSN’, your current health insurance situation and when you want to start your health insurance coverage.

Apply for your health insurance online

Health insurance card

After you registered, you will receive your health insurance card digital in Mijn ZEKUR Zorg and the ZEKUR Zorg App. Show this card when you visit a healthcare provider. Your BSN and customer number are listed on this card. Healthcare providers need this information in order to file claims, and they may ask you for this information at the time of treatment.

You can also find your digital European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) in Mijn ZEKUR Zorg and the ZEKUR Zorg App. When you visit eligible countries, an EHIC ensures that you will receive the same medical treatment as its citizens. An EHIC covers most European countries. In Australia you can use the EHIC for emergency medical care. The card also contains a medical emergency phone number. Call this number when you are abroad and in need of medical care.  However, the digital version is not always accepted abroad. In Mijn ZEKUR Zorg you can request a physical card for your travels abroad.

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Arrange everything online in Mijn ZEKUR Zorg

Login to Mijn ZEKUR Zorg to check the status of your mandatory excess, submit your expenses, see and pay invoices, make payment arrangements, change your personal details and add children to your health insurance. To login to Mijn ZEKUR Zorg, you need to be registered either with DigiD with SMS authentication, or the DigiD app. Without these, it is impossible to login to Mijn ZEKUR Zorg.

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If you have any questions, our customer service is happy to help you.